Antique Dutch fireplace with wall panels

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This rare antique fireplace is build into woodcarved wall panels. It is a stunning piece of old furnuture made of quartersawed oak and beautifully paint stained in darkbrown-red. The fireplace itself is made out of two handcrafted imperial classic revivel columns with a connecting woodcarved upperside. On top of each column rests a grotesk neo gottic mask. The central carving on the connecting piece shows the Dutch Lion with Dutch text "Eendracht maakt macht", meaning "Unity is strenghth." On the rightside of the fire place you will find 8 panels, nicely woodcarved decoraded. On the left side you wil find 8 panels as well. We placed them to fit into a corner. You can adjust the panel to the available wallspace. The large fire basket placed in the middle of the fire place is a unique piece out of Villa Voorlinden, Wassenaar, The Netherlands. The fireplace fireback is decorated with the family crest of Loudon,one of the joined founders of Royal Dutch Shell. The firebasket and belongings are offerd seperately by objectcode 30SF007,as long as availeble.

  • OF THE PERIOD 1880 /1890

  • PLACE OF ORIGIN Utrecht, late 19th century Holland

  • DATE OF MANUFACTURE 1880, Classic revival period

  • MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Woodcarved oak / quartersawn oak panneling / exelend carvings / polychroom painted details

  • CONDITION Excellent

  • WEAR Consistent with age and use.

  • DIMENSIONS the wall is in total 9 meters long and divedid into several sections. Most sections are 4 panels wide.There is one extra cornerpanel thats not on the picture. In total 17 panels available.

panel, each: heigth 2140mm x415mm wide. The depth of the panel is at some points 40mm.

The fireplace opening is 1710 high x 1180 wide. Total wide 1815. Each column has a base diameter of 410mm and 510mm at the top. The siz of the masks are 188 x 267.

  • SELLER LOCATION Helvoirt, The Netherlands

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