Antique  Breakfront Pitch Pine School University Lab Cabinet Circa 1900

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Antique Breakfront Pitch Pine University School Lab Cabinet Circa 1890.

30S offers a magnificent grand sized old University School Cupboard., a real piece of History*

It was used as a storage Cabinet in one of the old practice rooms of the famous t.h. Delft Campus in Holland

The upper section measures 1395mm high x 480mm deep x 2495mm wide

The lower section measures 895mm high x 707mm deep x 2470mm wide

The total height is 2290mm. Its called a Breakfront cabinet because a smaller upper section rests on a wider lower section. The upper cupboard has four 8 wavy glass panel sliding doors. There are 3 adjustable solid timber shelves 345mm deep on each side.

The lower cupboard has four wood panel sliding doors. There is one adjustable solid timber shelf 530mm deep on each side.  

This piece is a very well crafted and useful storage cupboard.Comparible cabinets will be hard to find. This type of original Lab cabinets are very rare these days, especially the ones that are really used in a university Lab classroom. This piece is made of solid Pitch Pine with the original labels of the Delft Campus still on it. . The cupboard can be dissambled into parts, for convenient transportation and installation.

This is a stunning piece of furniture that would fit in many property types and could have many uses.

  • OF THE PERIOD 1880 - 1900
  • PLACE OF ORIGIN Delft Netherlands / building 58 Campus interior piece no.01452 of the T.U. Delft Campus  * MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES Body: Solid Pitch Pine / Shelves, Back and Construction: Pine / t.h.delft 01452/hand drawn glass
  • CONDITION Excellent but used
  • WEAR Consistent with age and use.
  • DIMENSIONS h 2290 mm x W 2470 mm x D 707 mm see description for details
  • SELLER LOCATION Helvoirt, The Netherlands

Delft Campus History*